3 Tips to Prepare For Your Family Photo Shoot

Outfits- WHATEVER YOU DO…DO NOT wear a busy pattern, or bright colored outfit! As much as we love to rock a bold accent color ( especially in the summer ) they tend to be super distracting in your photos. Instead of focusing on the intimate moment happening with your family, all you will be looking at will be Dad’s neon blue polo he chose to wear for years to come!

Try to choose a color palate that compliments each other and go with that. We always recommend sticking with neutrals. Cream, grey, white, and sometimes even black really photograph beautifully in the studio.

Location- If you are not looking for a session in the studio, is there a specific park that is special to you as a family? Maybe there’s a cute cafe you frequent every weekend together, or even somewhere as close as your back yard! It really depends on what you are trying to capture during your session, whether it’s a newborn shoot with your first born, or an extended family shoot with all of your crazy in laws, always try to keep the location simple and easily accessible.

Relax- Trust me, as small business owners we know just how crazy life can be. Even more stressful, trying to make yourself look presentable, pack the diaper bag, arrive on time AND look effortlessly beautiful all white trying to capture the PERFECT family photo? Holy Smokes, what a tall order! Tracey and I strive to invite our clients into to a cozy, calming environment where you can unwind in our living room, grab a water or cup of coffee before your session, and allow us to get to know your little ones before we even step foot into the studio. From the second you walk through the door, we want you to feel calm, stress free and ready to have fun and capture beautiful memories to cherish for a life time.

Check out some photos below for inspiration!

Need help choosing your outfit before a session? Call us! Tracey and I are always ready to advise on color choices, session location and the overall flow of your shoot to best prepare you.